“Austin is the consummate professional. Easy to work with, he takes incredibly high quality photos that showcase my listings in their best possible light. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” - Josh D.




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Since 2011, I have had one simple goal - to provide the best real estate photography experience in Denver. To accomplish that goal, I have continually provided high quality HDR images, a fast turnaround, exceptional customer service and easy online scheduling.

My mission is to provide you with eye-catching photos that not only capture the essence of the property, but also tell a story. This is all made possible with an extensive background in real estate and design.



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Cameras are great tools—but they have a few shortcomings. Unlike the human eye, a camera can’t adjust for shadows and highlights in the same scene. In a high contrast scene, shadows leave details in the dark while highlights overexpose bright areas into white blobs.

The solution? HDR photography, or high dynamic range. So, what is HDR photography? HDR photography reveals details lost in the shadows or highlights of a single shot by merging several images, all taken at different exposures together into a single image. HDR is an excellent tool for revealing all the details in a high contrast scene for real estate photography.

The “before” is a single exposure, similar to what your phone or camera can take. The “after” is 7 similar shots with varying exposures merged together and edited for perfect exposure and colors.