Liz x Stephen || Engagement at Mount Bonnell Austin, Texas

Austin and I travelled from Denver to Austin to spend the weekend with the newly engaged couple, Liz and Stephen, and what a perfect weekend it was. The shoot started at Zilker Botanical Garden with their two Goldendoodles, Chloe and Cooper. The Austin Botanical Gardens were so lush and beautiful in the soon-to-be Texan Springtime. Liz and Stephen are already a completely natural couple, even without the nature surroundings of the Botanical Gardens. They are the kind of couple you meet and think, “they were made for each other”.  Just like roots were created to support the plants we see above ground, Liz and Stephen lift the other one up into something beautiful. 

After the Zilker shoot, the sun started to go down, and we stopped at some pockets on the drive to Mount Bonnell where we saw fields of Blue Bonnets. All of them were blooming just like Liz and Stephen’s love for each other, and the sky color started to get warm. We couldn’t get over the fact that this couple adores every aspect of the other, and they looked so happy amongst the fields. 


Once we got our fill of the Blue Bonnet scent, we moved on to Mount Bonell where we climbed the steep staircase to see where else we could capture Stephen and Liz’s love for one another. It was here that they really became comfortable behind the camera to show the world their amazing dynamic. We were grateful to be a part of it all, and spend some time reconnecting with Austin and my Texas roots.