Sarah x Mike || Engagement at Keystone Lake, Colorado

Sarah + Mike did two shoots. We wanted to do one in September when the Aspens were turning - you can see those photos here - and then this shoot at Keystone Lake Ice Rink. I grew up in South Texas, where there wasn't a lot of opportunity to ice skate but I had a lot of time on rollerblades, which was close enough to get me by for this shoot. Mike and Sarah both grew up further north and were naturals on the ice.

When we showed up to the lake there was hundreds of little kids. They were playing an ice hockey tournament. At first, it was almost a little overwhelming seeing the lake so busy. I was concerned we would have a hard time finding a quite spot on the ice to shoot, but once we had our skates on we founds little pocket that were clear and had plenty of space. When we did go to busier areas like the Christmas tree, I feel like having all the people around gave it a fun and energetic feel.

Overall, we had a fun time skating around kids and their parents. I’m looking forward to capturing images at Sarah + Mike’s wedding this June!