Claire x Matthew || Engagement in Breckenridge

Claire is a dear friend of mine and co-worker at my day job. I was over the moon when she reached out to me to shoot her engagement + wedding photos for her and Matthew! Claire knew she wanted mountain engagement photos, especially in September when we shot this because fall was in full swing and the colors were changing. We had several locations in Summit County (near Breckenridge, Co) on the agenda to shoot at, but we ended up staying in one location because of all of the different views and backdrops.

Claire + Matthew absolutely crushed their shoot despite the howling wind and the weather being fairly cold. I can't wait for their wedding in 2020.

Julie x Asher || RMNP Proposal

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most beautiful and areas for weddings, engagements and proposal shoots in Colorado. The cavernous mountain backdrops, hidden lakes and teams of wildlife make this one of my most favorite spots to shoot. So when Asher contacted me to shoot a surprise sunrise shoot in Rocky Mountain National Park, I was giddy. In the weeks leading up to the proposal, he and I planned out every last detail together and it went off perfectly. So much so, we were even visited by a moose who wanted to say hi during our shoot.

Liz x Stephen || Engagement at Mount Bonnell Austin, Texas

Austin and I travelled from Denver to Austin to spend the weekend with the newly engaged couple, Liz and Stephen, and what a perfect weekend it was. The shoot started at Zilker Botanical Garden with their two Goldendoodles, Chloe and Cooper. The Austin Botanical Gardens were so lush and beautiful in the soon-to-be Texan Springtime. Liz and Stephen are already a completely natural couple, even without the nature surroundings of the Botanical Gardens. They are the kind of couple you meet and think, “they were made for each other”.  Just like roots were created to support the plants we see above ground, Liz and Stephen lift the other one up into something beautiful. 

After the Zilker shoot, the sun started to go down, and we stopped at some pockets on the drive to Mount Bonnell where we saw fields of Blue Bonnets. All of them were blooming just like Liz and Stephen’s love for each other, and the sky color started to get warm. We couldn’t get over the fact that this couple adores every aspect of the other, and they looked so happy amongst the fields. 


Once we got our fill of the Blue Bonnet scent, we moved on to Mount Bonell where we climbed the steep staircase to see where else we could capture Stephen and Liz’s love for one another. It was here that they really became comfortable behind the camera to show the world their amazing dynamic. We were grateful to be a part of it all, and spend some time reconnecting with Austin and my Texas roots.

Sarah x Mike || Engagement at Keystone Lake, Colorado

Sarah + Mike did two shoots. We wanted to do one in September when the Aspens were turning - you can see those photos here - and then this shoot at Keystone Lake Ice Rink. I grew up in South Texas, where there wasn't a lot of opportunity to ice skate but I had a lot of time on rollerblades, which was close enough to get me by for this shoot. Mike and Sarah both grew up further north and were naturals on the ice.

When we showed up to the lake there was hundreds of little kids. They were playing an ice hockey tournament. At first, it was almost a little overwhelming seeing the lake so busy. I was concerned we would have a hard time finding a quite spot on the ice to shoot, but once we had our skates on we founds little pocket that were clear and had plenty of space. When we did go to busier areas like the Christmas tree, I feel like having all the people around gave it a fun and energetic feel.

Overall, we had a fun time skating around kids and their parents. I’m looking forward to capturing images at Sarah + Mike’s wedding this June!



“We are lifers with Austin! In addition to capturing a 360 of our wedding, he has also been our go-to for holiday cards, our pets, a fall photo-shoot, and professional head shots. He makes quick work of the photography piece and the results are incredible. For example, even though we stepped away for pictures after our ceremony it didn’t feel like we missed a beat. We had just as much fun together in the beautiful spot he has selected and returned to the reception lighthearted and laughing together. His less is more approach leaves you enjoying the moments instead of fussing over details; details he handles seamlessly with his keen eye and skillful editing.

With Austin we have never been left with the feeling that we missed that perfect shot or wished for something more. We have always been delightfully surprised by the results and downright impressed with the way he uses the simplest surroundings to create beauty.

Austin was a joy to work with. In all aspects of the process from scheduling and logistics, all the way through to editing and sharing the files, he made every part fluid and easy.
Austin is skilled, passionate, thorough and creative. He is worth every penny.” - MaryGrace S.