Lets Have an Adventure…

Let's capture the anticipation, the adventure, but above all, the MOMENT.  As a Colorado Adventure Wedding Photographer, my love for photography revolves around people. Whether you are getting married, engaged or having an epic adventure, my focus is to make you look your best and comfortable as your everyday self. I specialize in weddings and lifestyle while making sure we have a little fun along the way. Drop me a line and let's capture the adventure together!



Hey, I’m Austin, thanks for stopping by! I might be out shooting photography right now, or mountain biking, or hiking, or surfing. Yes, surfing in Denver! Its a secret spot, I can’t tell you where.

I’m a wanderer at heart. My passion is traveling and photographing what I see in unique ways. I backpacked in 2015-2016 throughout Southeast Asia and really fell in love with the cultures and capturing those people who make that region of the world so unique and inviting.

I “got stuck” in Bali for 3 months and couldn’t leave. The inviting Hindu culture, the majestic landscape and the surf had strong armed me into staying as long as possible.

I’ve now been based in Denver for 3 years, met the love of my life who I get to marry in a few month, and I get to wake up every day to a job I love and look forward to!

I photograph beautiful moments of life and memories you want to cherish. If you're ready for an adventure, or just want some Southeast Asia travel tips, head over the the CONTACT page and send me a quick hello.